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Jocelyn Panton is a powerhouse business coach to actors helping them trade the starving actor stereotype for thriving actor bank accounts and “it girl” energy confidence in the “audition room.” She is the founder of the Actor’s Side Hustle where it’s common for students to see $5k+ months.

Once a struggling actor between gigs, Jocelyn was determined to make ends meet but faced the age-old actor’s conundrum- how to make ends meet between gigs without missing auditions yet at the same time keeping her bank account half decent. There was one point where she was $50k in debt and had to walk everywhere for a month to get to auditions because she couldn’t afford a bus pass.

Fast forward to 2019, 7 floods, and a 2 year+ fertility battle...she tapped into skills she already had and discovered that freelancing in this amazing online world eliminates the very reason many actors quit pursuing their dreams. In less than a year, she brought her side hustle from $800-months to her first 6-figure year. Now she is teaching other actors to do the same.

Dubbed the Queen of Side Hustles, she is now on a mat leave with her 7- month old boy enjoying automated income. It is common for her to see 5-figure months and loves seeing her students enjoy the same.

Her acting work includes leading and supporting roles, which can be seen on CW, Hallmark UpTV, Fox Spotlight, and notably as recurring Marilyn Monroe on DC Legends of Tomorrow.

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